Electric Mobility

Our network of ultra-fast charging stations powered by 100% renewable energy

To contribute to the transition to electromobility, Kallista Energy is building on its experience in renewable energies to deploy a national network of 80 ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles.

Our network


ultra-fast charging stations

located along motorways and main roads for travelling from one end of France to the other.


as an energy source,

with wind turbines directly connected to the stations for renewable electricity with no CO2.

Charging for 10 minutes
= 300 km range*

With Kallista Energy’s network, for example, an electric car would only take 10 minutes longer to drive from Paris to Bordeaux than a petrol or diesel car.**


10 million km of charging from a single station

Thanks to wind turbines, each station can provide enough renewable electricity for travelling the equivalent of 250 times around the Earth every year, reducing the impact of electric cars to a minimum.


* Charging time depends on battery capacity.
** This assumes a 10-minute rest in both cases and an additional 10 minutes of charging for the electric car for a 600 km journey.

Competitive prices thanks to wind energy

Wind power is the most efficient and competitive form of renewable energy for high-power charging.

Since it generates the electricity needed to power the stations itself, Kallista Energy can offer motorists competitive prices.

Benefits for motorists & for rural areas

A network accessible to all types of vehicles

  • Kallista Energy’s network will provide Combo CCS and CHAdeMO connectors for charging so that it can be used by nearly all motorists.
  • The network will accept the cards of all the charging operators.

Scalable stations

  • Each station will be able to accommodate from 8 to 48 charging points following the evolution of the traffic.
  • A hydrogen production unit powered by wind turbines could be added depending on the progress of this technology.
  • Surplus energy produced by the wind turbines could later be stored in stationary batteries.

A network to complement existing charging points

  • Currently, fewer than 1% of charging points in France are ultra-fast.
  • Kallista Energy’s ultra-fast charging points are particularly well-suited for long distances and goods vehicles.
  • They will supplement home charging points and other lower power charging points used in everyday trips.

An opportunity for rural areas

  • The development of Kallista Energy’s network of stations will contribute to the vitality of rural areas where wind turbines will be installed, both through tax benefits and their energy transition commitments.
  • Kallista Energy will pay the entire capital expenditure for this network. Local communities will not pay anything.

More than 3.5 million electric vehicles are expected by 2028 and up to 15 million by 2035***.
The first Kallista Energy charging stations will be commissioned by 2024 to accompany the increase in electric vehicle traffic.


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