Operation & Maintenance

The operation and maintenance of our wind farms

Our technicians and engineers ensure the smooth running of our power plants every day, with the support of the wind turbine construction company. In this way, we can optimise the safety, security and performance of our installations.

Our priorities: respect for the environment and compliance with safety regulations

Like many industrial facilities in France, wind farms are included on the register of facilities listed under environmental protection legislation (IPCE – Installations Classées Pour l’Environnement). As such, our activity is governed by specific regulations that apply in particular to the safety and security of the facilities and the assessment of environmental impacts, as well as the conditions and methods employed for the decommissioning of the facilities at the end of their lifespan. DREAL* inspection teams regularly inspect our wind farms, with some of these inspections being unannounced.

*Directions Régionales de l’Environnement, de l’Aménagement et du Logement (Regional Environment, Planning and Housing Departments)

A local presence

Kallista Energy has a local presence and the most up-to-date technical resources, to ensure the success of its activities as an owner-operator. Our technicians and engineers work together to guarantee the smooth running of our installations. They also ensure full compliance with our regulatory obligations.

Our local presence enables us to maintain a permanent and ongoing dialogue with local communities and authorities.

We engage the construction companies to ensure the maintenance of the wind farms. Our contracts enable us to obtain the best guarantees in terms of performance and quality.

Our experience and long-term commitment: guarantees of quality

The wind energy industry is experiencing rapid growth. Our ten years of experience in the operation of wind farms have enabled us to gain the skills and expertise required for the optimised management of our power plants.

As the owner and operator of our wind farms, we have developed recognised expertise that enables us to ensure full continuity of service throughout the development and construction phases, and for the entire operational phase (which lasts around 20 years or more in the case of a repowering).

Our technicians and engineers are fully trained in safety and security, high-voltage electricity and automation.

Technology employed to increase our responsiveness

As well as the regular inspections and on-site maintenance, which take place up to 4 times a year, the wind farms are monitored remotely 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The very slightest problem is immediately identified and triggers either a remote maintenance action or the intervention of a local maintenance team.