Kallista Energy continues its development in Europe with the acquisition of 180 MW of wind & solar in Germany & France from DIF Infra Yield 1

01 / 04 / 2021 - Nieuws

Press release

Kallista Energy, the French independent producer of renewable energy, acquires 180 MW- 15 wind and solar parks- in France and Germany from the DIF Infrastructure Yield 1 fund. With this acquisition, Kallista Energy enters the German market and diversifies its activities into solar energy, while strengthening its presence in France and pursuing its development in the wind and electric mobility sectors.

Kallista Energy continues its growth with the acquisition of 15 wind and solar parks from the portfolio of the DIF Infra Yield 1 fund, managed by DIF Capital Partners. The acquired portfolio includes 5 operational wind parks and 3 solar parks (total of 90.2 MW) in France, which will strengthen the portfolio of 20 wind farms already operated by the group. The acquisition of the 3 operational solar plants in France and the 7 operational wind parks in Germany (89.5 MW) represent Kallista Energy’s entry into the solar power and German wind markets, thereby diversifying its portfolio.

With this new acquisition, Kallista Energy’s installed capacity rises to 425 MW, with 36 wind and solar parks in France, the Netherlands and Germany. Furthermore, in the Netherlands, Kallista Energy recently acquired 40% of the capital of Windpark Krammer, an onshore wind park of 102 MW, and is finalising the commissioning of Oostflakkee wind park (32 MW). Alongside renewable energy production, Kallista Energy is also active in the electric mobility sector with the development of a network of 80 ultra-fast charging stations, directly powered by wind turbines, in France.

For each country, Kallista Energy will continue to implement the vision driving its growth since its creation in 2005: develop projects with a long-term perspective and build a strong link with the stakeholders of its projects. Local teams are thus being deployed in the Netherlands and Germany to manage the group’s assets and develop new projects. Furthermore, with solar energy, Kallista Energy will provide a wider range of solutions to better meet the needs of local stakeholders and markets.

Frédéric Roche, President of Kallista Energy: « This acquisition materialises three important milestones for Kallista Energy: the deployment of our activities in Germany, our diversification into solar energy and the consolidation of our operations in France. These 180 additional MW will enable us to generate more economies of scale to offer the most competitive renewable electricity. With the support of its institutional shareholders, Kallista Energy will continue to grow in Europe to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and electric mobility. We are very enthusiastic to continue the work initiated by DIF and warmly thank their team for the relationship of trust we have built throughout our discussions ».


Kallista Energy’s advisors

  • Legal: Linklaters (France, Germany, Luxembourg), Mr Bruno Derieux
  • Technical due diligence:
    • UL Dewi
    • ERRO
    • Linklaters
    • Ernst & Young
    • Accuracy


The wind and solar parks entering in Kallista Energy’s portfolio


  • Campigny wind park (Normandy region)
  • Galerne wind park (Normandy region)
  • Canton de Quesnoy wind park (Hauts de France region)
  • Oresmaux wind park (Hauts de France region)
  • Pouillé-les-Côteaux wind park (Pays de la Loire region)
  • Gabardan 2 solar park (Nouvelle Aquitaine region)
  • Gabardan 5 solar park (Nouvelle Aquitaine region)
  • Amadousol solar park (Occitanie region)



  • Wehrhain wind park (Brandenburg)
  • Hohenseefeld wind park (Brandenburg)
  • Dorenberg wind park (Westphalia)
  • Wawern wind park (Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • Remlingen wind park (Lower Saxony)
  • Heede wind park (Lower Saxony)
  • Wiesmoor wind park (Lower Saxony)


Press contact: Nishal Ramdoo | Tel. +33 1 58 22 27 37 | nramdoo@KallistaEnergy.com


About Kallista Energy

Created in 2005, Kallista Energy is an independent renewable energy producer whose mission is to produce electricity at the best cost – economic and environmental – for energy transition and electric mobility. With its team of 40+ employees, its activities encompass internal project development, external growth through acquisitions, financing, construction, operation, asset management and repowering of wind farms. Kallista Energy currently operates 36 wind and solar parks in France, the Netherlands and in Germany. In the Netherlands, Kallista Energy also owns 40% of Krammer wind park, an onshore wind park of 102 MW.  In addition to renewable production, Kallista Energy is also developing a network of 80 ultra-fast charging stations directly powered by wind turbines in France. Kallista Energy is backed by funds advised by Ardian on behalf of APG and Axa, its institutional shareholders.

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