Horses and wind turbines

16 / 04 / 2024 - News

Director of a riding school in Normandy since 2008, Céline saw the construction of a wind farm opposite her pony club two years later (2010).

She looks back on the 13 years she has spent living next to wind turbines. Have they had an impact on her business and the health and reproduction of her horses?

Her equestrian centre consists of an arena, a stable, a breeding tunnel and several paddocks with shelters for rearing the 40 ponies and horses on the site. It’s a leisure centre, offering riding lessons for young and old, trail rides, tourism and competition (jumping and dressage).

How was the wind farm project perceived?

“When the wind farm project first came along, we were a bit afraid of the unknown, like everyone else. Initially, when the wind turbines arrived, the ponies were a bit disturbed. Their behaviour changed when they were ridden by the children in the quarry, in terms of locomotion. Nowadays, there’s no difference between the ponies that discovered the wind turbines as we went along, and those that are born today with the wind turbines, everyone is on an equal footing.”

What about the impact on the animals’ health?

“The ponies are all doing very well. In terms of reproduction, the pregnancies are going very well. They’re being covered straight away and foaling is going very well.

Equestrian activity and wind turbines

“As far as tourism is concerned, people tend to look at the environment and the pony club’s activities, and then discover the wind turbines”.

Watch his full video testimonial:


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