The repowering of our wind farm in Trébry (Brittany) in video:
Episode 2

01 / 10 / 2021 - News

Discover the different stages of the dismantling of the wind turbines at Trébry and the preparation of the components for recycling or recovery.

Patrick Curaudeau of GUYOT environnement: “We reach a recycling rate that is close to 100%. […] It takes between 2 and 3 days to dismantle a wind turbine and about 4 days to remove the entire foundation.

The renewal of the Trébry wind farm will increase the production of renewable electricity on the site by 30%, with the same number of turbines (and the same total height of the turbines).

Thank you to all our partners on this project:
ENERCON, MDWind, Natural Power, GUYOT environnement, Eiffage Construction, Bouygues Construction, Lépine TP, Enedis, QUARTA …

Episode 2: Dismantling- a life-size set of bricks

(video in French)


See you soon for the next episode on the dismantling of the wind turbines!


Photo & video:

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