Fifteen years spent near a wind farm: what the inhabitatns of Lanfains in Brittany say about it?

15 / 02 / 2023 - News

In 2006, the commune of Lanfains welcomed a wind farm on its territory. Located about 25 kilometers southwest of Saint-Brieuc, the village has more than 1,000 inhabitants and most of them have lived there since the installation of the wind turbines. “At the beginning, it was not easy. What’s new is scary. Some people were worried about the noise, for example. With time, we saw that everything went very well and that all the little mechanical problems were quickly solved,” says Gérard Mérot, Mayor of Lanfains since 2008.

Once the effect of the novelty had worn off, how did the inhabitants live with the wind turbines? Over the years, what has been the perception of the park by the people of Lanfains? What would be the decision of the municipality if it had the choice to extend the life of the wind farm with the repowering of the wind turbines by more efficient machines?

In 2021, the wind turbines of Lanfains have been renewed by more efficient models. With 6 wind turbines (against 5 before), the new park produces 60% more local and renewable electricity than the old one. It can meet the equivalent electricity needs of about 9000 inhabitants*.

“Lanfains without the wind turbines is no longer Lanfains,” explains the Mayor. “I have no negative impact from the wind farm. The silent majority, I am fully aware, is are not fully fond of wind turbines but they are not against either”.

More than 200 people from Lanfains participated in the inauguration of the wind farm, which was renewed in 2022. Discover some of their testimonies, like the one of this farmer of the commune; “My cows lived about fifteen years at the foot of the wind turbines, they scratched themselves against the ladder of the wind turbine, put themselves in the shade, I never had any worries”.

Discover the testimonies in video

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