Official inauguration of our repowered wind park in Lanfains (Brittany)

14 / 06 / 2022 - News

The official inauguration of our renewed wind park in the commune of Lanfains (Brittany) took place on Saturday 11 June, as part of World Wind Day.

The first wind park, built in 2006, was renewed in 2021 with more efficient wind turbines. With 6 Enercon wind turbines, the new park will produce 60% more electricity each year.

More than 200 residents attended the event, which was organised jointly with the local council of Lanfains. Several activities were on the programme for young and old: a ride in a gondola at 60 metres above the ground, a virtual visit of the inside of a wind turbine, workshops for children… Tastings of local products were also offered to participants.

During the inauguration, the inhabitants expressed their attachment to their wind park and agreed to meet again for another wind day in the next few years!


Photos credits: / Kallista Energy

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