Regeneration of the Thelle forest with the ONF-Agir pour la forêt endowment fund

22 / 04 / 2024 - News

Kallista Energy has taken part in the regeneration of 2.16 hectares of the Thelle forest alongside the ONF-Agir pour la forêt endowment fund.

To help strengthen the resilience of France’s public forests in the face of climate change, Kallista Energy has renewed its partnership with the ONF-Agir pour la forêt endowment fund, as part of a project in the Forêt de Thelle in the Oise region.

The Thelle forest is located in the Pays de Bray, on the borders of Hauts-de-France and Normandy, 20 kilometres from Amiens. It covers 920 hectares and is renowned for its high-quality woodland, mainly sessile oak (70%) and beech (25%). It is home to a wealth of flora and fauna and has many remarkable sites, including dolmens.

Part of the Thelle forest has been destroyed by wind and its natural regeneration capacity is no longer fast enough due to the effects of climate change. A forest’s natural adaptation mechanisms are on average 10 times too slow, compared with the foreseeable speed of climate change. Human intervention was necessary to improve the regeneration of certain areas and make them more resilient.

Douglas Martin, Head of patronage and Seine-Nord territorial sponsorship at the ONF.

The ONF-Agir pour la forêt foundation fund asked Kallista Energy to contribute to a project to regenerate the Thelle forest. In total, 2,400 trees (sessile oak, wild cherry, cherry cork and apple) have been replanted by ONF teams over 2.16 hectares. The Office is deploying the principle of the “mosaic forest”, diversifying species to make forests more resistant to the effects of climate change and, in the long term, preserve habitats for deer, birds, amphibians, etc. Kallista Energy’s sponsorship will make it possible to monitor the growth of the trees for five years to ensure a good rate of recovery.

Our teams donned gloves and boots to clear adjacent plots where planting had already taken place a few years ago. Thank you to them for braving the rain!

Thanks to ONF-Agir pour la forêt, its director Frédérique Lecomte, and the local ONF teams, including Douglas Martin, for their work.

This project in the Thelle forest is the third initiative of the ONF-Agir pour la forêt fund supported by Kallista Energy, following projects in the forests of Eu (Normandy) and Beg-Meil (Brittany).

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