Development of wind farm projects

Kallista Energy Group has a whole team dedicated to the development of wind farms, right from the design of the project through to the repowering, extension or decommissioning.  We work in close collaboration with local stakeholders to develop the most suitable project for the territory.

Our priority: to be at the heart of development in local communities

In 2019, Kallista Energy Group paid more than 7% of its turnover in local taxes to municipalities and local communities where its wind farms are located. These tax payments have enabled the communities in to maintain or improve the quality of life of their residents, in a context where State grants and allowances are being reduced.  The decentralised and competitive production of electricity is a strong point in terms of the dynamism of local communities.

Designing the best project

The success of an electricity generation project, i.e. its integration into the local community and its ultimate economic viability, is determined right from its development phase. We adopt a comprehensive approach upstream to identify the most appropriate sites, file the authorisation applications and bring together the different parties involved at a local level.

For wind farms, we develop projects from start to finish. We also work on optimising existing wind farms by extending or repowering them in order to obtain the most from the site’s wind potential.

In addition, we only use local independent specialists to realise environmental impact studies that enable us to determine the appropriateness and the quality of the project.

We have worked alongside Kallista Energy since the beginning, to meet the needs of the local residents, farmers, hunters and authorities. The project has been ongoing for ten years and the dialogue between the community and the team at Kallista Energy has been continuous throughout this entire period. Today, I am very proud of the work that we have completed together. We are located on a plateau where there is a lot of wind, and it’s really a good thing to be able to take advantage of this. Thanks to the impacts of the wind farm, we can now resolve the ADSL problems faced by the community and renovate the community hall without increasing taxes. And there will be other projects to follow.

François Sanson,
Mayor of Ardouval (Normandy)

Working together to achieve success together

Our projects are based on transparent collaboration at every stage of the project, involving local elected representatives, stakeholders, industries, residents and authorities. Updated information is regularly provided to keep all stakeholders informed about the status of the project. We devote a great deal of attention to feedback and comments from local stakeholders and we integrate all those that will improve the project, within the limits of technical, regulatory and ethical considerations.