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Acting on our own scale

The production of energy from renewable and competitive sources enables Kallista Energy to contribute, on its own scale, to the fight against climate change. Even though the overall environmental balance of our renewable energy production capacity is positive, we are constantly seeking to reduce the emissions linked to our support activities (heating, electricity, transport, waste management, and recycling). We believe that no effort should be spared in the fight against climate change, the preservation of the environment, and the respect for the men and women with whom we work.

Kallista Energy has developed an action plan to assess its impact on the environment and, more generally, on society as well as the group’s governance. Our efforts to minimise our impact as far as possible are assessed each year by the GRESB, an independent rating body. As well as this rating, we are also seeking to determine how our activities contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Following the achievement of our goal of reducing our CO2 emissions per employee in our office activities (Scope 1 and 2) by 40% between 2017 and 2019, Kallista Energy has begun defining a new, even more ambitious roadmap, which now includes its Scope 3.
Our group has used the Science-Based Carbon Initiative (SBTi) methodology to define new targets. These are currently being audited by the SBTi.
These new targets will put Kallista Energy on a trajectory towards Net Zero by 2050.



Our key contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals in 2022


380,000 inhabitants
supplied with
renewable and safe electricity to make
our economy resilient and sustainable




845GWh of renewable electricity generated by the Group’s wind and solar farms,reducing dependence on fossil fuels and cutting greenhouse gas emissions

100% electric vehicles in our company fleet


More than 3 million euros paid in local taxes to contribute to their dynamism




Training 4 new employees in the fundamentals of professional driving

First-aid training for 7 additional employees

Our commitments to the environment, society and governance

  • 01. Electrify 100% of our vehicle fleet by 2023
  • 02. Ban domestic flights and limit international flights
  • 03. Avoid, reduce, and recycle waste from our offices
  • 04. Improve the energy efficiency of our equipment
  • 05. Encourage consideration of ESG criteria in activities within our scope 3
  • 06. Develop the best projects with the help of independent experts
  • 07. Guarantee an exemplary site for each of our projects
  • 08. Ensure the environment is protected and noise disturbances are limited around our wind farms
  • 09. Invest in the repowering of our ageing wind farms to optimise renewable electricity generation
  • 10. Recover the blades of dismantled wind turbines and contribute to searching for solutions adapted to future volumes
  • 11. Guarantee the safety of people and our equipment
  • 12. Create the conditions for the employees well-being at work
  • 13. Ensure diversity, equity and inclusion within our company
  • 14. Work together with local stakeholders
  • 15. Contribute to the dynamism of the territories where we operate
  • 16. Promote a collegiate executive body and ongoing dialogue with employees
  • 17. Prevent fraud
  • 18. Prevent management risks
  • 19. Promote cybersecurity